The Diary of Melanie Martin

My First Novel

A llow me to introduce Melanie Martin, a funny fourth-grader with attitude. She's about to fly from New York to Italy with her history buff dad, art teacher mom, and six-year-old brother Matt the Brat. Melanie is worried about crossing the ocean, but it's in the Eternal City that she comes to appreciate Michelangelo, Parmesan cheese, and her very own family. She finds that even museums aren't soooo bad, especially when she and Matt play their favorite museum game, Point Out the Naked People.

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"laugh-out-loud funny" School Library Journal
"a taste of la dolce vita." Booklist
"This book is for you." WNYC New York Kids
"The perfect gift. Totally adorable." Caroline Rhea on Rosie O'Donnell
"confides the ruminations of a 10-year-old vacationing in Italy." Vanity Fair
"I would rate this book a big 10." All About You
"Weston captures the voice of the bright, excitable Melanie with ease, and the dynamics between the siblings are right on the money..." The Bulletin
"humorous first novel...likable, believable" Publishers Weekly
"Sizzling Summer Read" Family Fun
"very hip" Working Mother
"full of humor and discovery" The Charlotte Observer
"Melanie's journey is fun, educational, poignant, and humorous. Her diary, filled with great stories, keen observations, and quirky doodling, is a wonderful way to share the journey. And quite a journey it is, because Melanie finds more than statues and gelato on the other side of the ocean - she also finds herself." Children's Literature

Available in Italian as VACANZE ITALIANE (Mondadori). And now, a word from Melanie herself.