Melanie Martin Goes Dutch

Second in a Series

"Dear Diary,
You will never ever believe this! It is too good to be true! Guess who is going with us to Amster Amster Dam Dam Dam?

Melanie's best friend is going with her to the land of windmills, bicycles, cheese, and chocolate! Sounds good, right? But Melanie and Cecily get into a huge fight - in the middle of a famous museum! In Melanie's second hilarious tell-all diary, she talks about topless beaches and tulipomania, Anne Frank and Vincent van Gogh. But what Melanie really learns in Holland is what it takes to be a good friend.

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http:// "a quirky kid pleaser" -Vanity Fair

"breezy, fun, lighthearted read that quite naturally folds in contemporary issues of breast cancer and the meaning of intolerance....Mel's 'quippy' poems are clever and funny and express her feelings; she phonetically spells out Dutch words; and her penchant for using words three times for emphasis are all so, so, so right for the voice of the character....Go, go, go, girl." --Kirkus

"While learning about Holland and seeing the sights, Melanie reads Anne Frank's diary and ponders the contrast between the magnitude of Anne's problems and her own. The ups-and-downs of friendship ring true, as does Melanie's desire to reconcile with Cecily without knowing quite how....The achingly real confidences in Melanie's record reveal her genuine efforts to improve, making her eventual success especially gratifying." --Booklist

"A favorite writer of preteen girls, Weston offers the latest installment in the ongoing adventures of a spunky young globetrotter." --Yale Magazine

"Lucky Melanie Martin! She's going to Amsterdam--Holland!--on vacation, and bringing her best friend, Cecily, too!... Unfortunately, things don't go smoothly--in fact, it's one disaster after another. That's bad news for Melanie, but good news for you, since Melanie confides everything in her diary, and seeing the world through her eyes is great fun. Not only does she tell you all about her troubles with her parents, Cecily, and 'Matt the Brat' (her little brother), she makes you feel like you're visiting 'Amster-Amster-Dam-Dam-Dam,' too. This one's a winner! For ages 8-12." --Discovery Girls

"entertaining story...a fun read" --Tampa Tribune and Times

"Readers will enjoy the humor and empathize with Melanie as she goes through the ups-and-downs of family and friend relationships." --The Shy Librarian

"The greater focus on fifth grade humor helps the cancer information slide down easily." - - recommended in the Family Reading List presented by Hurricane Voices Breast Cancer Foundation

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