For Girls Only

Words of Wisdom

FOR GIRLS ONLY is a short book that's long on advice. It offers helpful tips and ageless wisdom for you on everything from breaking out to breaking up, from keeping friendships strong to getting along with your parents. I've always loved quotes, so I worked hard to hunt down ones I thought you'd love too. You'll find over 489 quotes from Buddha to Oprah, from Anne Frank to Jennifer Aniston. The quotes are insightful, thought-provoking, and sometimes funny, and you can use them in school papers or for your yearbook page. I even added favorite proverbs from around the world and made sure the book featured lots of female and multicultural voices.

Did I succeed? Well, as Steve Martin once said, "I think I did pretty well considering I started off with nothing but a bunch of blank paper."

FOR GIRLS ONLY is 197 pages, $8.99, less if you order here.

"Carol Weston, you're the best!" Meredith Viera, The View
"There are so many dumb advice books out there that it is a pleasure to find one that really works." USA Today
"Weston's unpretentious advice isn't preachy, just chatty--absolutely the right approach for teenagers and parents." Columbus Dispatch
"From stopping rumors to dealing with parents, this book has the answers and some cool quotes from your favorite celebs." Girls Inc (featured in Reading Room Dec 04)
"Inspirational, pithy, practical, and insightful" Baltimore's Child
"This Sophocles-and-Sarah-Jessica-Parker approach renders a fun-to-read collection complete with index." Florida Times-Union
"Excellent guidance" Arizona Republic

Now get your own copy--and buy one for a friend!