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GIRLTALK: ALL THE STUFF YOUR SISTER NEVER TOLD YOU is an up-to-date down-to-earth source book for girls. Now in its fourth edition (fully revised), it's been in print since 1985! The nine chapters are: Body; Friendship; Love; Sex: Family; Money; Education: Smoking, Drinking and Drugs; and Quizzes. GIRLTALK covers it all. I even included entries from my own preteen diaries (back when I was a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee -- not that things have changed much) as well as tons of letters from girls....

I'm proud of my first book. Over 250,000 copies have sold in English, and GIRLTALK is out in Chinese, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, Czech, Vietnamese, Russian, and other languages. Young readers learn to make and keep friends, stay fit, understand body changes (e.g. "Is Your Period A Question Mark?") while older girls learn to decode guys, stay sane, do well in school and even how to apply to college. I really hope YOU will pick up a copy too. By the way, that's me with my teen daughters on the back cover of the book.

"Teen Dear Abby..." Newsweek
"Carol Weston gets girls..." Parenting
"the Dear Abby for teenage girls"
"It's kicky, it's fresh, it's fun. It's also serious...GIRLTALK is a winner." Columbus Dispatch
"A well thought-out effective book" Publishers Weekly
"Carol tells it all..." Good Housekeeping
"a whole new set of issues for today's teen audience. . .down-to-earth tone--a cheerful chattiness." The Journal News (Westchester, NY)
"Weston's writing is solid, sensible, and kind." Mary Pipher Ph.D. author of Reviving Ophelia
"straightforward advice in a lively, appealing style" Houston Chronicle
"remarkable, humorous touch...empowering...if you have a daughter age 11-18, GIRLTALK is a must." Chinaberry
"Wise, warm, witty...GIRLTALK is a must for every young woman's library." YM

Girltalk has been published around the world. Check out these covers and buy your own copy by clicking above. Also available on Kindle.