Favorite Fan Letters (or parts of them, anyway!)

I'm pretty excited to write this letter. My name is Evgenia and I'm from Russia. I'd like to thank you so much for your "Girl Talk". This book used to be my best friend back in high school. I first got it from my mom as a birthday present when I was 14. I've read it millions of times and still can quote some parts of it! It was like talking to a real friend and it was so unlike Russian books on the same subjects. I was always a little jealous of those girls, who could write you letters. And now I can do it myself. I'm not a teenage girl anymore to ask your advice, so I just say THANK YOU for that wonderful book!

Thank you for answering the letter I wrote you. It helped me A LOT. I fell asleep smiling.

I really really liked your book. I usually read much longer books than yours, but in some ways, your book was so much better even though you used less words. I'm definitely buying Melanie's next diary the first day it hits the bookstores. Your books got my steam running.

I leant For Girls Only to my friend and she couldn't put it down. Kind of weird because she doesn't read much.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Melanie Martin! She is so cool and I can totally relate with her.

I really enjoyed With Love From Spain, Melanie Martin and I could actually feel how Melanie felt at certain times. When she wrote about how excited she was about seeing Miguel, I was literally kicking my feet up in the air!

I'm a mother of a fifth grade boy and we went on a cub scout camping trip this weekend and he took your Melanie Martin book in his backpack. Well guess who was up reading the book by flashlight inside his tent into the wee hours of the morning? He was spellbound and laughing out loud at parts. Just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan!

I've read Girltalk a million times and I love it. Thanks so much for making me feel like I have a big sister I can talk to. If I have a daughter someday, I'm going to give her a copy and hope she loves it as much as I do.

My aunt is a librarian and she often sends me interesting books. But Girltalk really had me hanging off the edge of my chair. It was almost as though I was reading a thrilling novel. How were you able to find all that information and put it into a book that is funny and also hard to put down? I wrote this letter to say how much my friends and I admire your work.

Hello, I am writing you to tell you how much I love your book Girltalk. I've never read a book like it. It inspires me more than any other book. I like how you give examples of your teen and adult years and how you admit all the mistakes you've made and that you aren't perfect. Just by reading the book, I feel like I know you. I wish I did.

Guess what I just finished reading? Nope, guess again. Okay, fine, I'll just tell you. The Diary of Melanie Martin! I loved your book! If I were one of those judges that decide what books get awards, I would definitely choose The Diary of Melanie Martin.

I liked the part when Matt the Brat got his nose hit by a bat.

I have really enjoyed your book - the binding is broken in half and now it has ugly tape on it - that's how much I enjoyed it. You choose quotes really well and have great insights.

If you are out of ideas for a book, you could always write about me. I would really like that.

Thank you for coming to our class and helping us with our writing. When I told my friend you came, she screamed! She said you wrote her favorite book, Melanie Martin Goes Dutch, and like me, she loves your column in GL magazine.

When you came to our school, I liked those rejection letters you read. If I was an author getting so much of those rejecting notes, I would be sad and feel that I would never write again. I am inspired by how you still keep on going with those rejections. I am just amazed.

I love keeping diaries and your book has helped me keep a better one.

You'll never know how much Girltalk and For Teens Only have helped me. The millions of times when I was upset and it was too late to call a friend or I just didn't feel like it, I'd just read them, sometimes cover to cover. One thing for sure, I'm taking your books to college this fall.

Way back in the 80's, my Mom gave me a copy of Girltalk as a birthday gift. It quickly became my bedside bible. I was going through all off the awkwardness of being 12 and unpopular and I even wrote to you two or three times to ask for advice--to which you very kindly responded. Even though you were an adult writer living in New York City (which was, to my St. Louisan heart, the epitome of all that was glamorous and good), I felt like there was someone in the world who really understood what it was like to be a teenager. Over time, my footing in the world grew more and more sure, even as my family was breaking apart. I went on to college, graduated with honors, married a wonderful guy, and now I work for the Girl Scouts, helping girls the way you once helped me--by being there and offering to understand. Anytime someone asks for a great book for pre-teen/teenage girls, Girltalk is the first thing I recommend. You are a voice of reason for a very crazy, emotional time. Thanks for being such a great role model, and for making a difference in my life.

Just had to thank you again, for your wonderful visit on Friday. The kids in both classes were absolutely thrilled! They LOVED visiting with you, AND I have been hearing about your visit from many parents, which just further demonstrates what an impact you had on the children. Again, THANK YOU! You really brought the writing process into focus for them. It was all a wonderful boost of encouragement! I also will be ordering your paperback en masse, so that I can use them for more Author Studies! You are wonderful, and we look forward to many more adventures with Melanie! - Kim Bays, a Teacher of the Year in Florida

I'm sure you get a million e-mails like this, but my mother gave me a copy when I was eleven, and it shaped the way I grew up more than any other book I've read. Thank you for your faith that girls make smart choices for themselves. And thank you for having the guts to talk about your own experiences, because it made me listen and take your book seriously; otherwise I might have missed out on your fabulous advice. I'm 22 now, and I still refer back to my pathetically ink-stained copy of Girltalk.

My daughter and 13 of her friends have formed their first book club. They are all 10 years old and have several reading levels. Your books are perfect. Thanks for writing books that appeal to all of us!

My daughter really enjoyed your visit today at the Center School in Windham, NH! She found your discussion fascinating and has been telling me all about it since she arrived home from school.

Thanks so much for a great book for my eleven-year-old daughter and me to read together. We curl up together and you answer all her questions and then we can start our discussions.

It was a fantastic night - I've heard a ton of very nice comments. I think everyone appreciated your practical and candid advice. You also have such a wonderful, optimistic approach - many speakers on teen years seem to scare parents about the perils ahead, but you reminded us about the joys that growing up can bring. - Jennifer Hoffman who organized a meeting for parents at a school in NYC

I am in seventh grade and I really like Private and Personal and your column in Girls' Life. I have so many questions and when I read other girls' questions, I am relieved that they have the same problems as me. I think your pages have helped me to understand life and become a better person.

Your daughters must be very lucky to have such a cool mother. I hope you get a lot of fan letters. I think you deserve a million.