Private and Personal

Questions and Answers

PRIVATE AND PERSONAL (HarperTrophy) is full of middle-school questions and helpful honest answers. Do you have questions about your changing body and changing friendships, eating healthfully, overcoming shyness, decoding guys, looking your best, or getting along better with your family--and even yourself? This Q & A is for you!

The five chapters are:
Oh Me, Oh My
Let's Get Physical
Friendship Frustrations
The Whole Boyfriend Thing
Family Matters.

People have asked me if I make up the letters. No way! I've been getting female mail ever since I wrote the first edition of GIRLTALK, and when I started writing the Dear Carol column for Girls' Life, I got even more. The best letters are here, which means I've spared you the awkwardness of having to ask embarrassing questions out loud. To read a few letters, click Letters.

"the Dear Abby for teenage girls"
"Tips on how to navigate the rocky shoals between childhood and adulthood." Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times
"She's absolutely straightforward, like a loving older sister, and she's always encouraging." Booklist
"Girl expert Carol Weston answers all your I'd-rather-die-than-ask questions about your body, boys, and being a girl." JUMP
"Private and Personal is the best literary friend a girl could have...Weston adds humor to every answer to make it seem less of a crisis...I encourage all moms to go out and buy this book if you have a preteen or teenage girl." Journal Register
"Thousands of girls just like you have written to best-selling author Carol Weston for advice about their bodies, boyfriends, periods, pimples, friendship,family problems,and more. Answers to the most pressing questions."
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