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Thanks for clicking! I'm always happy to provide a quick quote or schedule a TV appearance or radio interview or speech or school visit. If you are a friend, fan, journalist, educator, guidance counselor, bookstore owner, feel free to write me at Unless I'm away, I will usually get back to you within two days--if not two hours or two minutes! Adults, my phone number in Manhattan is 212 724 1311. My address, 670 WEA 2F NYC 10025. You may also click resume or school visits or photo or recent bio.

Are you a girl looking for personal advice? I've been answering mail 24/7 since 1985, and if you keep your e-mail brief, chances are good that I'll get back to you. If you read the Q&As posted here and on my online column, you may find your answer even faster. If you do write me, I might use your letter in a future book or "Dear Carol" column (no names, of course) for Girls' Life -- unless you tell me not to. Please note that I'm sometimes away and it's just me, no staff, so I can't always send an instant answer. For immediate help or advice, call 800 999 9999, or 800 273 TALK or, in an emergency, 800 SUICIDE. All anonymous.

My own best advice is right in my books and I poured my heart into 'em! So please order a copy or e-copy of GIRLTALK: All The Stuff Your Sister Never Told You (Fourth Edition). Books make great gifts and Girltalk is more reliable than what you'll find online and way cheaper than therapy -- not that it's either/or!

Here's to you!

Carol Weston
New York City

P.S. I also have not yet friended anyone, though I'd be honored if you join my Facebook fan page.

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