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Flamenco, bullfights, fiestas with fireworks--vacation in Spain was going to be fun! I was even up for learning español (S Pon Yole) and finding out about Picasso. But I was NOT looking forward to meeting Mom's old boyfriend Antonio. Well guess what? Antonio has a son who is 12 1/2 and cute! So instead of spying on Mom for Dad, I ended up getting pretty distracted...

Question #1: Do you have to read the books in order? No. Question #2: Can boys read Melanie Martin? Yes, just as girls can read Harry Potter! (And pssst, boys can learn a LOT from a fifth-grade girl's diary!)

Vanity Fair says Melanie is an "appealing young heroine."

Booklist says "another thoroughly enjoyable adventure abroad. . . Weston does a great job."

School Library Journal says, "A great choice for those who enjoy diary-format fiction or funny stories about growing up" and "Even readers who haven't traveled...with Melanie...will lose no time jumping into her adventures in España. A bratty brother adds comic relief, and 12-year-old Melanie gets her first kiss from the son of her mother's old flame."

Parenting says, "The author of With Love From Spain, the latest in her globetrotting series, has a loyal fan base that soooo relates to Mel."

National Geographic Traveler says, "Precocious fifth grader Melanie Martin records her adventures in Spain in her trusty travel journal. Art-teacher mom is visiting an old boyfriend (bad!), but said boyfriend has a cute 12-year-old son (good!). Along the way Melanie tries out Spanish phrases, views art masterpieces, and learns local customs. Fun squiggly drawings make the diary look real. . . "

Boston Herald says, "Melanie's trip fills her diary with Spanish words, Spanish customs, museums, and--best of all--Spanish romance!"

New York Daily News Summer Reading Club Selection (2004)

Travel for Kids says, "tops picks" "Funny adventures of eleven-year-old Melanie Martin and her family in Spain--new snacks (palomitas, horchatas, fartons), new places (Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville), art and architecture (Gaudi, 'rhymes with howdy'), and a cute boy named Miguel--what do those two kisses mean??"

Toronto Star says, "funny and entertaining. . ."

Cosmic Reading Raccoon says, "an extraordinary new book...funny and witty and enlightening and savvy and memorable. . . .READ IT."

Middlebury says, "warm and wise. . ."

Girls' Life says it's "hilarious. . ."

Daily Herald says, "It's an ideal companion for kids preparing to travel with their families."

Bookpleasures.com says, "Spring break couldn't be more fun than with the Martin family. . . Melanie Martin has arrived on her magical flying diary."

Stone Soup's Libby Coleman says, "These books are real page-turners!"